Introductions can be weird, can’t they? Well instead of trying to come up with the best few sentences to describe myself, I thought would give you some random facts about myself so you can learn more about the blogger behind Ali Caitrin.

  1. Most people call me Ali but that’s just a nickname I was given when I was little
  2. I’ve read all the Harry Potter books more times than I can count, and I’ll most definitely read them again ϟ
  3. I love the colour green
  4. I also love it to make lists
  5. I watch The Big Bang Theory nearly every day (even the repeats)
  6. Once I had about 13 stitches on my face.. OUCH!!
  7. I want to dye my hair every colour possible and so far I’ve done red, purple and pink!
  8. If you ever want to find me I’ll probably be on social media, most likely Twitter
  9. I tend to sneeze way too loud and it’s embarrassing when it happens in public
  10. Since the 2015 UK general election, I’ve become very interested in politics
  11. I’m a little awkward with people I don’t know at the beginning and people I do know can’t get me to shut up
  12. I want to learn another language and be completely fluent in it
  13. I want to get at least one tattoo!

Photography by Kaye at Fordtography

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