Hello There!

I’m Ali: an autistic lifestyle blogger from Surrey in the UK.

Ali Caitrin is a hub for education on the perspective of autistic people, shared through my own experiences and learning. I mix in a bit of lifestyle content – I love reading books and solo-travel!

This is a safe space for autistic people to come and find solidarity with a community of peers who see the world the way they do. I want everyone to leave Ali Caitrin armed with a wealth of knowledge on what it’s like to be autistic so that they feel less alone in the world.

Growing up online left me feeling alone. Where were my role models to look up to? 

In the past, autism has been looked on as a a deficit in a person – I needed someone to show me that being neuro-diverse actually meant I was still important. And you are too.

That almost reflects in the previous iterations of this blog where I spoke mainly about my lifestyle, travels and favourite books – trying to fit in. Now I wear my autism with pride – and I want you to too. Therefore we’ve had a shift around and now this is a safe space to discuss life with autism (with my favourite books and places to go mixed in)!

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