Goodbye 2016 & Hello 2017

I didn’t find it very difficult to say goodbye to 2016 and I know I wouldn’t have been the only one feeling this way because let’s be honest, it was a pretty rough year! I won’t dwell on the negatives as I would much rather look back on the things that made me happy, what I’ve achieved and be grateful about the fact that 2016 wasn’t all bad.. So let’s get started!

At the end of 2015 I wrote a post about things I was looking forward to in 2016 and although I didn’t tick everything off the list, I think you may agree with me when I say I still done pretty well!

  • I done my first ever sponsored post back in March about why more people should take an interest in politics.
  • Another blog goal was to talk about important topics and the one I am most proud of is my post on misconceptions about autism.
  • Unfortunately I didn’t reach my Goodreads reading challenge last year but that’s okay. I’ve forgiven myself as I still managed to read some amazing books!
  • My mental health has its moments but with help from a few CBT sessions I’ve managed learn how to handle my anxiety that little bit better.
  • After doing temp admin jobs for months, I finally got a permanent IT support role in October and now really enjoy what I do!
  • Not only did I go to watch Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them but I also went to the film fan event in Leicester Square where the cast, director and J. K. Rowling attended!

Now to get into 2017. We’ve only been in the new year for less than a week but I’m feeling quite optimistic about it surprisingly. I went into 2016 feeling the lowest I ever have and the year was very much centred around getting back on track but for 2017 I want it to be more about achieving my full potential with the help of a few goals I’ve set for myself!

  • Read 25 books in a year.
  • Figure out what I want to do as a career.
  • Carry on upping my blog game and see where it takes me.
  • Meet up with my blogger friends more.
  • Start saving money again now I have a regular income.
  • Keep on trying to find coping strategies to better my mental health.
  • Visit somewhere in the UK that I’ve never been to before.

I’m not going to pretend that I know how I’m going to achieve each one of these goals because I’m not sure I do just yet with some of them. But on the plus side one of the advantages of setting them so early is that I have plenty of time to figure it out. I can’t wait to share with you all the things I have coming up and I hope you’ll stick with me for the ride!

Have you set yourself any goals for 2017?

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    • / 5:24 PM

      Thanks so much Aimee 🙂 Good luck with your 2017 goals too!

  1. / 10:49 AM

    You went to the fan event of Fantastic Beasts?! SO JEALOUS. Sounds like you had a pretty fab 2016! xxx

  2. / 10:14 PM

    You did great in 2016 chick! And your goals for this year are reasonable so I'm sure you'll smash them! Can't believe you watched the fantastic beasts at a fan event, jealous 😅.
    Clo x

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