feeling uninspired

The one funny thing to come out of me having no inspiration over the past few months is that I came to realise I used to have ideas. Not just ideas, good ideas. I was actually creative – and that’s one thing I never thought I would say! Whenever I spoke to someone about creativity my normal response was either “I wish I was more creative” or “My imagination is close to non-existent” and by thinking like this I was restricting myself without even realising. I had already told myself I couldn’t do it so of course I wasn’t going to bother trying as I had written myself off from doing anything remotely original. But hey we all make mistakes right?

Speaking of mistakes, another one I made was to slowly wait for my inspiration to come back, like it had just popped out to the shops and would easily find its way back to me. So what did I do? I stayed in bed or sat on the sofa watching telly ignoring the fact that I could at least try to do something about it. Maybe go for a walk, read a book or even call someone for a chat. I’m not saying these would have solved ALL my problems but doing nothing didn’t help either. To be honest those options didn’t actually come to mind at the time as I was too consumed in my own self-pity so now there’s no more “I can’t do this” or “I shouldn’t do that” and instead I just keep looking for my spark!

Own your disappointment, acknowledge it for what it is, and move on. ― Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

This rant probably seems like I’m having a go at myself on my own blog and in a strange way I am. I want to be able to learn from this and the next time I lack imagination, I can come back to this and remind myself how to get out of that slump instead of waiting for it to change on its own. People get inspired in different ways so the only person that can discover what makes you want to achieve your goals is you. Do something do anything – don’t give up!

I wouldn’t say I’m back to feeling inspired again per say but I know I’ll get more light bulb moments soon.

Ali Caitrin

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  1. / 7:56 AM

    Don't beat yourself up Hun, it's easy to wallow in self-pity and to not see the options you can take to change things. I know I've done the same on more than one occasion. The good thing is you've recognised that and can now take steps to change it. Good luck! 🙂 I hope you feel more inspired soon! x http://www.aimeeraindropwrites.co.uk

  2. / 12:50 PM

    It is so easy to fall into the cycle of feeling uninspired, and therefore not putting any effort in, and then continuing to be uninspired! This has happened to me with art on numerous occasions in the past. I'm learning to do just what you talked about; remind myself that by doing nothing, of course nothing will improve! I hope you find some inspiration soon!

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