Thoughts I Have While Tidying Up

thoughts while tidying up

Afters weeks of trying to avoid the massive pit I call my bedroom I finally decided it was time to do a massive clean out and although I’m glad it’s over and done with, it was not an easy task. It takes me about an hour just to get myself motivated to tidy and even then I end up getting distract in some way i.e. lay in bed and scroll through social media. A lot of thoughts were going through my mind while I was slowly making progress round my room and I’ve listed a few of them below for your amusement!

“Oh my god, where do I even start?”
“Wait let’s put on some music first.”
“Ah I forgot to make tea!”
“Okay that’s better.”
“Why do I have so much stuff? Where has it all come from?”
“I’m going to need more than one black bag..”
“Will need to invest in a bigger bin too.”
“Urgh I’ve had enough of this already.. “
“The temptation to go on Twitter right now is real high.”
“Why can’t I be as good at tidying up as I am at procrastinating? I would have finished it by now!”
“I’m really hungry. Wonder if there’s any sausage rolls left?”
“Okay no more distractions, I’ve got to get this done today!”
“Jheeze there are clothes everywhere no wonder I can never find anything to wear!”


“Maybe if I just sort everything into piles that’ll help me.”
“Okay this is tough!”
“Wow I can see a difference already! This is unexpected?”
“Right I think that’s my wardrobe done, now onto the bookcase!”
“Wait there’s a book missing from here..”
“There it is! I’ve been looking for this for ages!”
“Jheeze I have so many books!”
“Might need to get a bigger bookcase soon.”
“Wait where did I put my tea?
“Oh my room is looking really good I’m impressed with myself!”
“Why did I wait so long to do this?! It’s actually quite therapeutic.”
“Ooo I can actually see the floor now. Actually, maybe I should hoover first..”
“Wow I’m so proud of myself right now!”
“I can never let it get that bad again.”

Famous last words! What thoughts pop up in your head while you’re tidying up, anything like mine?

Ali Caitrin

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  1. / 2:27 PM

    Love this so much!! This is my exact thought process when tidying my house, I don't know why I don't just potter round instead of letting it get to bad haha!!

    Vikki |

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