Five Signs That Your Cat Loves You

The subtle ways that cats communicate with us are admittedly weird at times. Okay yeah they sleep a lot and like being waited on hand and foot like royalty but you should never underestimate how much they need you; you’re their human! Don’t believe me? Well here are five signs that show your cat loves you more than you know!

#1 They Bring You Presents

Has your cat ever brought you back a dead mouse or bird from their adventures? If so you might be luckier than you think. Apparently what they’re actually doing is using their hunting instincts to teach you how to get food. Which if you think about it, it’s like they’re helping you out with the weekly shop. Sweet right?

#2 They Follow You Everywhere

They might not wait for you by the door and try licking you to death like a dog would but that’s okay because your cat isn’t a dog. Cats just appreciate being in their owner’s company so while yours is following you from room to room, remember that’s their way of saying they want to hang out with you!

#3 They Talk To You

A fun fact I’ve learned about cats is that they don’t actually meow at each other. They only meow at people as a way of saying hello or ask for food. They talk in other ways too and I’ve got just the thing to help you to get to know them all! Whiskas* have produced a fun video on what every cat sounds mean and it’s great for those wanting to be able to understand what their cat is talking about, especially a newly cat parent. Plus who doesn’t love a good cat video? *cough* You’re welcome.

#4 They Like Head Butting You

As aggressive as that might sound, this is actually one of the friendliest gestures cats can make to you. They do this as a way of leaving their scent on you so they’re basically saying “You’re mine” every time they give you a nudge. SO CUTE!

#5 They Start A Staring Contest With You

Your cat will want to make sure you’re okay like any friend would and this is them checking up on you, or maybe they’re trying to get your attention so you’ll give them some loving. Either way it’s known for being a sign of trust and I definitely take it as a compliment instead of seeing it as my cat giving me the evils.

Please don’t feel disheartened if your cat doesn’t do anything of these things as they are only a few of many ways your cat can show their affection for you. Each cat is one of a kind so if you feel that special connection with them, you have a very happy cat on your hands!

*This post has been collaborated with Whiskas UK. As always all words and views are my own.

Ali Caitrin

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  1. / 7:52 AM

    Love this post. My cat, Harley, definitely loves me, as he does all of these things! If I'm being quiet or I'm sat still and have not moved for a while he will stare at me and then run up to me, chirp and nuzzle against me to check I'm alright. It's the sweetest thing! That's a really helpful video too, as my Harley makes such a wide range of noises! x

  2. / 8:01 AM

    You can also communicate back to your cat that you love it by blinking slowly during the staring contest! Slowly blinking is also a sign of affection.

  3. / 7:09 PM

    I haven't had a cat for years (we have a dog now) but I grew up with them and remember the affectionate head butting. Mine definitely didn't follow me around as much as my dog, though! Dogs are like little shadows! Pets are so cute!

  4. / 8:24 PM

    I have a ragdoll mix, and ragdolls are known for being "puppy cats" since they are extremely clingy and follow you around everywhere. (I'm like a crazy cat fact book) but my kitty runs when she hears me open the door when I come home from work, and she's meowing like crazy too, which turns into her head butting the crap outta my legs as I try to remove my shoes. She also sleeps right next to my face, like cheek to cheek, which is cute, but her whiskers tickle like mad!

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