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Cats are one of the best companions a person can have but they’re also quite complex creatures. It doesn’t matter whether you get a kitten or an adult cat as they both need to be looked after to ensure they’re happy and healthy. As I’ve had a few cats myself, I thought I would share my top tips so if you’re looking for some advice on how to be the best cat parent you can be then keep on reading!


The RSPCA advise that you get a cat neutered at around four months old – it’s known for being a simple operation to prevent unwanted kittens from girl cats and violent behaviour from boy cats.
Unfortunately my cat was only a kitten herself when she had two of her own and we could tell it affected her at the time still being so young. But not to worry, we didn’t want either of them to have to go through that so we made sure all three of them got neutered.

Food and Water

Cats can’t survive without meat, full-stop. They also get very thirsty, especially as they get older, so allowing your cat to have water at all times with it being changed a few times a day is essential. Don’t forget to give them some cat sweets too because we all deserve a treat now and then, just don’t go overboard as you still want to make sure they have a balanced diet.


Although cats are known for being lazy pets compared to others they are still very energetic while they’re awake. Invest in a few toys that your cat can have fun with and at the same keep them physically fit. Consider getting a scratching post too as cats need to sharpen their claws from time to time, otherwise your cat might find something else to scratch that you wouldn’t want them to like mine did haha!


Did you know that cats sleep for around 12-18 hours a day? So if you find yours is having a nap, I wouldn’t advise waking them unless you want a very moody cat on your hands! Speaking of sleep, they prefer a warm comfortable spot of their own that they can go to and even placing a soft blanket somewhere in your house will be great for them as a bed.


It probably seems weird that I leave the least fun thing till last but it’s one that’s really important! Like us all, cats have a possibility of getting ill or having an accident at any time and you really don’t want to risk getting a huge vet bill because you never thought you needed to get pet insurance. Do your research and ask your local vet for advice if need be, just trust me when I say it’s worth it!

Aside from what I’ve mentioned above all your furry friend will ask from you through all their meows and purrs is your unconditional love and in return they’ll be your best friend forever.

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  1. / 12:11 AM

    I adopted a kitten when she was 6 weeks old & named her Quinn, she was so sweet and so tiny. Now shes 5 months old and shes a ball of energy when she is awake. When im home and we go to bed, she sleeps on my head, hah. I love her.

    • / 9:28 PM

      Awh that's SO lovely! I love it when my friends and family get a kitten and then you get to watch them grow into a cat, it's great! I can't wait to get one myself when I get a place of my own 🙂

  2. / 2:39 PM

    I think cats make the best companions. They're always there if you need them, but not so needy that you can't go out for the day. All they really need is some water, food and love. The rest is just a bonus! Great post, with some great tips 🙂 x http://www.aimeeraindropwrites.co.uk x

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