My Unexpected Interest in Politics

take interest in politics

If you would have told me a year ago that I would become interested in politics I definitely would not have believed you, more because I never really thought it was useful to know anything about it especially with me not being taught about politics at school. It wasn’t till last year’s general election when I got to vote for the first time that I realised how out of touch I was which was what lead me to do some research of my own. You’re probably reading this wondering what this has got to you? Well I’m here to share my reasons on why you should take an interest in politics too!

I think it’s really important, essential in fact, for all of us to at least learn about politics because if you think about it we should be allowed to have a say in how our country works. To do that we need to know how and it’s something that schools should be educating us on! Don’t you think?

#1 It Affects Every Single One of Us

There are policies and laws set in place that affect all of us in our everyday lives. Sometimes good. Sometimes bad. Either way we are paying this government to make decisions on our behalf so we deserve to have one that does the right thing for us.

#2 Knowledge Is Power

Ever been told this before? Well it’s true! We need to be aware of what’s going on outside our front doors because that way we can overcome the past and make better decisions.

Take the UK’s EU referendum: this is the vote on whether Britain should remain in the EU. For everyone (well everyone of voting age) to be able to vote confidently we need to know the pros and cons of each staying and leaving. The best way to do this is find reliable news sources that can give us the information we need without having to read 100s of reports to get there. I’ll even get you started because I’m nice like that! The Financial Times* have produced a quirky and informative video on how being in the EU has affected the UK and I think it’s a great way to learn, plus who doesn’t like a good pub quiz?

Another way of making yourself aware is to just talk to the people around you! Start conversations with them, debate amongst yourselves about important topics and news around the world; you might be surprised how much you can learn from each other.

#3 Make A Difference

There’s no point in complaining about the government because of how they’re running the country if you’re not going to at least try make a change. There have been so many times where someone believes something needs to change but ends up not doing anything about it because they feel like they won’t make a difference. Okay I can’t guarantee that you’ll always win your case but not even trying isn’t going to get you anywhere either. Always stand up for what you believe in!

#4 To Have Our Voices Be Heard

Voting is a great start if you want to make your opinion be heard. It’s quick, easy and to be fair it doesn’t happen very often so you might as well make it count when you can. And with us being lucky to have access to the World Web Wide we are able to share our thoughts with everyone easier than ever! I even done a post about what I’d do if I were prime minister for a day last year as a way of expressing what was important to me during the time of the general election. Find what works for you and use it to its full potential!

I should probably let you all know that I am in no way a politics know-it-all. Not even close. The great thing is I don’t need to be, and neither do you! Politics can seem like a yawn to some people but all any one of us really needs is the working knowledge of what’s going on around us to then be able to make the right decisions and move forward. And guess what? It’s actually really interesting too, which is a huge bonus!

Do you take an interest in politics? Well if you don’t already I hope this post has convinced you otherwise and as always feel free to comment below with your thoughts on the system! Also if you’re looking to learn more about the referendum coming up in June I’ll leave a link to The Financial Times here as they have a lot of info to help understand it all. Thanks for reading and I’ll be back soon 🙂

*This post has been collaborated with The Financial Times. As always all words and views are my own.

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  1. / 8:35 AM

    Great post. I didn't really take much of an interest in politics either until last year when the general election came around. I need to start doing more research on the EU issue too with the referendum coming up so I'll check out the link and video you've included to get me started! 🙂 x x

  2. / 12:37 PM

    Amazing post Ali! So true, I fell in to politics and now it's pretty much my life! We in Wales have our assembly elections and then the referendum so we have a really busy few weeks and it's more important than ever that people take an interest. The EU questions is one of the biggest we will ever face. I'll be doing a post about why exactly soon but I will be voting to stay in!! We gain so much from it and we in Wales have a hell of a lot to lose from leaving! Kay, xx

  3. / 3:50 AM

    This is a really good post. I'm in a government class right now, and our teacher keeps harping on us about the importance of voting and being involved in politics. Despite being able to vote at the last presidential election in the US, I didn't vote. With my government class this semester and my women's history class last semester, I feel like I really should vote this year, especially when I think about how hard women had to work to get the right to vote. Thanks for giving me some more reasons to vote this year!

    – Courtney

  4. / 4:54 PM

    I took a Government and Politics class at school for 2 years, and thought it was boring most of the time, I know understand so much of what's on the news that I have to explain it to my mum!! I'm one of those people that has a lot of opinions on how the country is run and about every election and poll – but I'm happy I am as I know what's going on it the world!
    Thanks for sharing this post, I love it! Tania xx

  5. Alicia Johnson
    / 3:41 PM

    I absolutely love this post and agree with you 100%. A similar thing happened to me at the last general election, the only thing was all my friends could vote and I couldn't. However, it just grow my interest for politics and I'm not doing International Relations at university were modules in politics and I absolutely love it. I think politics is so important and not enough younger people seem to have an interest in the subject or about what is really happening in the world.
    Alicia 🙂

  6. / 8:39 PM

    Great post! I let politics go over my head if Im honest which, even as I write it, I realise how bad that actually sounds. I don't think I've watched the news since moving into my own place 2 years ago, in fact I only ever seem to catch it if they put it on the in gym! I really should spend a bit of team figuring out what the hell is going on and having an opinion of my own about it, that's for sure! I love videos like the FT one, it makes it much easier and more fun to follow

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

  7. / 7:17 PM

    I'm definitely interested in politics and I think it's important that we all take an interest in it, you'd be surprised how little people know about the way it affects us! I loved this post lovely 🙂


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