London Haunted Pub Tour

london haunted pub tour

When I was invited to go on a haunted pub tour in London by LDN Meet Up and Best London Walks back in October along with other bloggers I leaped at the chance as I had been desperate to do something a little different in London! I’ve always been intrigued by spooky things and with it being close to Halloween it was perfect timing really. I know Halloween is long gone now but the great thing about this tour is that you can go anytime on the year. It’s definitely something I think is better to experience yourself so I don’t want to give too much away. Still there’s no harm in giving you a sneak peek into what we got up to during the tour right?

The tour starts at Temple Station and lasted for about two hours where you finish at Fleet Street. Along the way we got to stop off at three fascinating pubs to have a drink or two and talk about the haunting stories they each hold including Sweeney Todd the serial-killing hairdresser, Dr Samuel Johnson the writer of the dictionary of the English language and Spencer Perceval the only ever British prime minister to be assassinated. There’s much more to be told but if you don’t find those the littlest bit intriguing then I don’t know what will!

The Old Bank of England pub was my favourite out of the three more because of its beautiful interior design and the staff were pretty friendly too. Although we had time to try out their food (that’s not really what we were there for) at least I’ve got a good excuse to go back!

It’s gripping to see London at night with all its captivating views. I don’t normally go into Central London when it’s dark so as you can tell I was quite amazed!

The Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese pub was one of the pubs that were rebuilt after the Great Fire of London in 1666 and did you know that Charles Dickens was considered a regular to this particular historical pub? Well I didn’t till then and it’s even made me want to go there again just to see if I can gain some of his writing genius haha!

I was a little gutted that it wasn’t as ‘jump out of your skin’ scary as I expected it to be but the stories behind each stop that we made were still really interesting and one that I would easily go to visit again! So if you’re looking to do something out of the ordinary while you’re in London and still want to be able to explore the capital itself then I would definitely recommend this quirky tour – it was honestly such a great night out! Some of the girls and I even went to McDonalds after for a catch up which is always really nice. I hope you enjoyed this post and feel this is something you could enjoy in London and I’ll see you all soon 🙂

Ali Caitrin

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  1. / 3:12 PM

    This looks so cool! And I love all the pictures you included. Looks like you had a great time ^^

    • / 10:33 AM

      I did have a great time thank you Soudha 🙂

    • / 10:34 AM

      You should definitely give it a try if you're in the London area! You learn a lot about the history of London which is another cool thing too 🙂

    • / 10:35 AM

      Isn't it just? I love doing things like this because it's just like gaining a new perspective on London 🙂

  2. / 11:08 PM

    I'd love to do one of the ghostly night tours around London. I've never actually done any set tour around anywhere! Sounds like you had a great night!

    • / 10:37 AM

      I hadn't done tours like this before either so this was completely new to me! You should give it a go if you fancy touring London at night and having a drink or two along the way 😉

  3. / 6:36 PM

    This sounds really interesting, glad you enjoyed it! x

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