Graphic Art of Harry Potter Exhibition

harry potter graphic art

Helloo Everyone,

I love finding new and exciting things to do in London and for someone who’s been living here for over a year now I haven’t explored it as much as I would have liked. You could imagine how excited I was when I found out that there was going to be an exhibition on the graphic designs from the Harry Potter films, well I was very excited indeed! What topped it all off was that I finally got to meet the lovely Dee from Prompts by Dee for the first time as she came down to see me for the day! Aren’t I a lucky girl? I had such a fantastic fandom day with her and as I took plenty of photos throughout, it seems silly not to show you all!

The exhibition is held at the Coningsby Gallery in West London and although I did get us a little lost getting there (it was Google Maps fault I swear) we did get there in one piece and only a little wet from the rain! The first thing I noticed as we walked in was the Hogwarts letters scattered across the floor that I couldn’t take my eye off for about 30 seconds before realising there were more amazing things hanging off the wall that I could stare out! There were so many prints of pieces that were little but vital parts of the franchise including the schoolbooks, sweet wrappers and the wanted posters. The best way I could explain is that it was like seeing all the magical things about Harry Potter from the inside out, sounds amazing right? That’s because it was!

harry potter graphic art
harry potter graphic art
harry potter graphic art

Another thing I wasn’t expecting was that there was some of the original props from the films actually at the exhibition hence why it’s the only things behind glass haha! That was a nice little surprise for Dee and I.

Well I couldn’t leave without a little souvenir to bring home with me so I bought the exhibition book filled with all the designs inside. While we were in the queue Dee pointed out that the two designers Miraphora Mina and Eduardo Lima were at the exhibition and I could have sworn my jaw dropped from shock! We got to say hello and have a quick chat to them before we left. They even signed both of our books so Dee and I definitely walked away with big smiles on our faces!

harry potter graphic art

Awh I love this photo that Dee took of us at the exhibition we’re so cute hehe!

harry potter graphic art

If you’re free tomorrow (Saturday 19th December) in the London area and a Harry Potter fan I would highly recommend you go visit it there and then as it’s the last day of the exhibition.. GO GO GO! Did I mention that it’s free to enter?

After all that excitement it was time to get chatting and relax with a cuppa which was handy as we happened to find a gorgeous little tea place right around the corner from the gallery called Yumchaa. It was both our first time trying loose leaf tea so that was more eventful that you’d expect haha! The tea and cake was yummy and the company was the best so what more could I ask for? Well there was more to come as we then walked into the biggest Paperchase store I’ve ever seen so we were browsing that for quite a while then went to Oxford Street where I discovered Kate Spade for the first time, why it’s taken me this long I will never know!

harry potter graphic art

I’m so grateful that Dee came down to spend the day with me and I can’t wait to see her again for her birthday next year. Well I hope you enjoyed seeing what we got up to and let me know if you’re planning on going to the exhibition or even if you’ve been already. TELL ME YOU LOVED IT AS MUCH AS WE DID!

Ali Caitrin

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  1. / 3:56 PM

    Oh my god, I wish I'd known about this exhibition. I would so have been there! It looks amazing. I'm super jealous. In fact, I'm jealous of your whole day. An awesome exhibition, tea and cake, and a huge Paperchase store? My perfect day right there! 🙂 Looks amazing – and thanks for sharing the pics, next best thing since I couldn't go myself! x x

    • / 9:33 PM

      Awh Aimee I'm sorry you missed it. I think they may do more exhibitions around the UK after the New Year so you never know you might end up going some time soon 😉

    • / 11:25 AM

      We really did have a great day, I was lucky that Dee came down to see me 🙂 and thanks Emily I'm so happy that you enjoyed the read!

  2. / 6:21 PM

    This exhibition is simply epic! Thanks for sharing the pictures Ali! I hope you had a lovely Christmas ^^

    • / 11:26 AM

      Hi Soudha 🙂 I did have a good Christmas thank you and I hope you did too!

  3. / 5:09 PM

    OMG This looked amazing! So gutted I never knew about it.

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