Six Struggles Only Bookworms Understand

struggles bookworms understand

Helloo Everyone,

It’s no secret that I’m a huge a bookworm because I’m either reading a book, buying books or talking about my recent reads! With that being said it does come with its problems. To be fair it’s not like that’s going to stop us from falling in love with stories that these amazing authors create but we can’t deny them so BOOKWORMS ASSEMBLE as I go through some of the struggles we go through. Don’t worry we can all laugh and cry about them together!

#1 When you plan to buy one book and end up getting ten
My bank account always looks really sad after I’ve been book shopping because I find it hard to restrict myself to buying just one book. For me it’s normally that I go to get a book from my wish list and I realise it’s from a set so I’m like “Well I might as well buy the set as it’s cheaper in the long run!” or I’ll get to the till, see some short story books and say I’ll read them on train journeys as I’m on them all the time anyway. Do you recognise any of those dilemmas?

#2 You lend someone a book of yours and never get it back
I trust you with one of my precious belongs and you then don’t give it back to me? RUUUDE! It’s actually got to the extent where I would rather buy someone the book than lend them my own.. okay it’s not that bad but you get what I mean. Of course I’m happy to lend a good book to a friend especially if I’ve recommended it, I just hope they give it back haha!

#3 When you read a great book but the film doesn’t quite cut it
This seems to be quite a common thing and I think I might know why. When you read a book it all goes to your imagination; you create a mental image of what the characters will look like in real life and you subconsciously wonder how the story would play out in a film so when you eventually go to watch the film, it might not always meet your expectations! Anyone else had this or is it just me?


#4 Other people can’t understand why you love books so much
I’m extremely lucky as this hasn’t happened to me very often but it’s the fact that it has in the first place. Yeah sure I have friends that aren’t bookworms like me and they don’t question why I love books because they know it’s just who I am! So when someone says something along the lines of “Books are boring how can you read” it’s disheartening.. Everyone is entitled to their opinion of course and you don’t have to like reading, I’m just weird like that sorry haha!

#5 Sometimes distractions can be a real issue
Remember that time you were really getting into that book but you kept getting interrupted? We’ve all been there! Maybe your phone kept going off at a really exciting part of the book or people were constantly asking questions while you were trying to get through that book you’d been meaning to finish for months, either way we all sometimes wish we had a real ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign for when we’re reading. Seriously though how cool would that be?

#6 You see people fold pages in a book and it makes you want to cry
This can vary because you’ll get those who will happily make fold over a page to bookmark where they are or they may even like to write little things on some chapters and then there’s people like me who wouldn’t dare put any marks on books. Even when I used to write notes in my book for English literature, it felt so unnatural and weird! I guess that’s one advantage of using a Kindle because you can bookmark what you want without ruining the book, I like that!

Sorry I know I’ve missed a few but I thought I would stick to these for now, maybe I’ll do another post in the future with more of them hehe! You all know you can comment below with your struggles too as I love hearing from you so feel free! Well I really hope you all enjoyed this post and at least some of you can relate, I’ll hopefully be back soon with some more posts so I’ll see you soon 🙂

Ali Caitrin

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  1. My boyfriend doesn't get why I read at all & constantly goes "omg you read so fast" haha. I'm one of those awful people who folds their books. I actually love books that look read and a bit worn, gives them character lol. Other than that, I can definitely relate to all of this! The 3 for £10 on amazon book deal gets me every time.

    Pretty Mad Things .. x o

    • / 8:57 PM

      Oh that Amazon deal is the best 😉
      Well it's your book so it's okay, I just don't like folding mine and I wouldn't want others to fold mine either if they borrowed it haha!

  2. #2 and #5 are so true for me! I've lent my friend a book and just ended up buying another copy. As for distractions, I read in my closet when I'm really into a good book. Everyone knows there will be absolute HELL to pay if I'm disturbed in there! Lol! Great post!

    • / 8:59 PM

      Haha I've done that before as well, I didn't mind actually but I wouldn't want to do it all the time otherwise I'd have no money..
      Wow I wish I had a closet to read books in, I will have to do with my bed and trains for now 😉

  3. / 5:12 PM

    Especially #1 .. It's a serious problem 😛
    Jade xo

    • / 9:00 PM

      Number one seems to be a popular one, not that I'm surprised or anything 😉

  4. / 7:53 AM

    OMG! These are so true! Books are practically my life! #3 is relatable as hell. As for #2, I am still waiting for my copy of Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell to be returned 🙁

    • / 4:00 PM

      YAY I'm so glad you can relate 😀 and I hope you get that book back soon, it's a real good one as well!

  5. / 8:51 PM

    My biggest bookworm problem is too many books, not enough shelf space! Nightmare. Haha. But all of these are true too! I recently lent a book to a friend, and he's only gone and lost it. Nightmare! Oh and the movie adaptations. So true. I always play out a book in my head, and no movie adaptation could ever get it quite right! Great post! x x

  6. / 5:34 AM

    "#1 When you plan to buy one book and end up getting ten"
    This is me at Branes & Nobel's every time. And most of the time, I already have 60 books at home that need read before I even need to try and purchase any new ones. The new ones just look so fresh and good that I can't resist.

  7. / 9:31 AM

    Yes yes yes yes yes and yes! I never let people borrow my books… I just don't trust other people with them haha. And I die a little when I see someone fold a page. Get a bookmark! Jeez!

    Sofie x

  8. / 10:01 AM

    When people write in a book with a PEN! It hurts!! At least get a pencil!

    xx Izzy | Qthee

  9. / 8:21 AM

    I love this! Haha. Especially about buying so many, I always have a huge 'to read' list haha. The onnnnly one I disagree with is the folding pages one LOL. I have no problem folding pages haha, sorry! <3
    Jemma xx

  10. / 11:25 AM

    "Books are boring how can you read" Ugh… I just hate it when people say! This post was super relatable, not to mention really fun to read. I could totally recognize myself in a lot of these points. Great post Ali 🙂

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