Eight Ways to Discover New Books

ways to discover new books

Helloo Everyone,

You are never too far away from finding a good read but sometimes getting the right one for you can be more of a challenge. Although the internet has made it easier for us to search the books we want for a bargain you still can’t beat the traditional ways that come with a great story behind it! So as you can see, the possibilities are endless and here are just 8 of them:

#1 Goodreads
Goodreads is a website created by Amazon which enables users to search books, read and add reviews, create virtual bookshelves as well as add their friends to follow each other’s updates; you can even follow your favourite authors if you like! Think of it as a online library community that bookworms all over the world love!

Do you already have Goodreads? If so you can check out all my books here!

#2 Read some reviews
Okay this may sound odd because you normally read the reviews after you found the book however, I follow quite a few booktubers and book bloggers who will post book reviews and monthly book wrap ups so you may come across a book you’ve not heard of before that is just your cup of tea. I’m personally one of those people that love hearing people’s reviews on books so if you’re nosy like me then I highly recommend this hehe!

#3 Pop to your local independent bookshop
We all know you don’t always need to go online to find new books but I think sometimes the bigger branches get considered more when it comes to buying books. I’m not saying that’s necessarily a bad thing though it does mean smaller bookshops may find it hard to compete.. I’ve been to some lovely bookshops and their customer service was AMAZING, they really know their books! So if there’s a bookshop near you that you haven’t had the chance to go into GO NOW!

#4 Borrow a book
Whether it’s from a family member or one of your friends, there’ll always be someone willing to lend you a book of theirs, maybe they’ve read a book and think it’s something you’ll enjoy? Also, why not do a book swap with someone? This way you both get a have a new book to read and you can both talk about it afterwards; I’m in this process of doing a book swap with a fellow blogger and I can’t wait!

#5 Visit the library
I will admit that I don’t even do this as much as I would like to and the fact there is a library right down the end of my road doesn’t help either haha! But what’s not to like? You’re able to borrow books for free and okay you would need to bring them back within the deadline but it’ll make you more determined to read them. Also if you wanted some quiet time to read, libraries are always known for being nice and quiet so take advance, plus there’s even free Wi-Fi!

#6 Join a book club
Just as I’m writing this I’ve joined a new book club created by a fellow book blogger so I’m excited to see how that goes (I will keep you posted not to worry). By joining a book club, you’re able to discuss your review with other people and engage with bookworms just like you which is great for motivation! There may be a book club in your local community or you can join online like me so get searching!

#7 Look at books from authors you’ve read before
You can find a new book by reading a different book, weird right? Before you think I’m talking crazy what I mean is when you’re at the end of a book if an author has written other books they normally add previous books that the author has released (you know, free advertising) which means if you enjoy that book you can read more books from them. Or you can just search for the author online and see what comes up, either way you’re bound to find something!

#8 Films you’ve watched
Some of your favourite films may have been an adaptation from a book or turned into a book afterwards so some investigating will be needed but you never know what you might find. For example, did you know the novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sleep by Philip Dick was the primary basis for the Blade Runner film? Well now you do!

How do you look for your next read? Are you more likely to buy them online or go on a little adventure to the shops? Let me know in the comments because I’d love to know, especially any funny stories! I hope you’re all enjoying this not so hot summer (well in the UK anyway) and I’ll speak to you all soon 🙂

Ali Caitrin

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  1. / 2:09 PM

    I really enjoyed this post Ali! A lot of us don't make enough time in our day-to-day routine for reading (I know I don't) and it's such a great thing to do.

    I have spotted a few recommendations recently that I want to try and I'm always excited when I see that a film was based on a book!

    | princessparasox.wordpress.com | bloglovin' |

    • / 7:54 PM

      Awh thanks Jenna!
      I'm the same when I see that there's a book from a film I've enjoyed watching that's it I want to read it haha sometimes the books can be better than the films too 😉 I've had more time lately, especially this month, to read books but I know it's just short term so I'm making the most of it hehe!

  2. / 10:25 PM

    Nice post. I am an avid library goer. I like having books of my own, but I'll generally get library books and if I feel I'll read it again, then I will buy it. I've done this a few times with some books series I enjoyed.

    • / 8:20 PM

      I want to go to the library more, I know it'll be so good to do! Also that's quite a good way to do it, at least if you enjoyed it and like you said if you'll read it again you might as well buy it 😉 hehe!

  3. / 1:40 PM

    Just discovered your blog via Twitter and I love this post, always interested to hear how people find out about new books. Goodreads is so addictive, my TBR is utterly unatainable! x

    Megan / http://www.pixiecrop.com

    • / 8:22 PM

      Awh I'm glad you've found me :3 and I agree goodreads is so addictive I'm on it every day adding new books I want to read!

  4. / 4:55 PM

    I am always looking for new reads. The library or second hand shops are great as there is no or very little cost involved, so you dont mind taking a risk on a new author.

    • / 8:24 PM

      I LOVE second hand bookshops I can't believe I didn't mention that, oh well people will know from this comment 😉 That's a good idea actually, you could find another great author to enjoy!

  5. / 8:05 PM

    Nice post. The suggestions are good ones and I have found really interesting books this way.

    • / 8:23 PM

      Thank you 🙂 I've used some of these ways too but there are some new ones even for me that I want to start doing!

  6. / 11:38 AM

    Goodreads is the best when it comes to keeping track of new releases and discovering debut novels.

    • / 9:25 PM

      It really is, I can't believe I only discovered it in November as well!! So glad I found it 🙂

  7. / 4:29 AM

    I've been looking for new ways to find books to read so I can review them on my blog and your post gave me some ideas I didn't even know existed! Goodreads is now bookmarked on my computer, thanks for the ideas!

    • / 9:31 PM

      Awh you're welcome Shelbie, I'm glad this post has helped you discover new ideas 😀

  8. / 9:27 PM

    Goodreads is my favourite way to find new books, I can spend hours looking at all the different lists! Films are another way I find new books – there are some films I never even knew were based on a book!

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