The Life of an Ambivert

Helloo Everyone,

When you’re on social media as much as I am, which is becoming quite a lot, you start to get quite chatty and join in with conversations. I remember talking to a fellow blogger on Twitter about being an ‘Interverted Extrovert’ and after that I knew straight away that I wanted to write a post about it! At the time we didn’t know it was called being an ambivert but you learn new things everyday so not to worry! Here are some common traits of an ambivert:

#1 Being anti-social selectively sociable
Whether you spend the day in bed doing the bare minimum or go crazy at an all night party completely depends on your mood and the atmosphere around you. The reason can be absolutely ridiculous and insane nonetheless the decision is yours because you can be as picky as you like.

#2 Meeting new people is complicated
It’s not necessarily that you don’t like going to new places and meeting new people because you’re pretty friendly when you want to be but you’d really prefer not to go alone. As long as you know at least one person that’s going, you’re all good!

#3 Always the observer
You tend to mould into the situation you’re in by taking a mental note on what’s going on and matching it to you. For example, if the subject talk is on something you kinda an expert in you’ll be the life of the party and if not you’ll be happy to just listen and make small contributions when you feel you can!

#4 You’re not as shy as you thought
You assume you’re shy and quiet but when you talk to friends, family etc. they tell you something different and you’re like whattt? Then you look back at past events and realise they were right and sometimes you’re actually quite confident at times, so you give yourself more credit.. for a while anyway haha!

#5 Time to yourself is essential but not for too long
Everyone needs to have their ‘me time’ once in a while some more than others (like me) but if you have too much time to yourself you start missing human contact and make sure everyone knows you’re still here and they’re glad to know!

#6 You have many friends but only a few you truly trust
All your friends are great, otherwise they wouldn’t be your friend right? However only a handful of them you really let in and see on a regular basis, you don’t want everyone being that close to you because you have difficulties trusting that many people but they’re okay with that and so are you!

#7 It took you ages to realise you were an ambivert
I didn’t even know there was such a thing, I just assumed you were only one or the other and there was no in between until someone mentioned it to me and hallelujah I’d found a match!

So does this sound like you? Or are you more on the other side of the scale? Either way let me know in the comments! FYI I done this post as it was fun to write about it but the only thing I will say is whatever you most fit into, don’t just box yourself up into one thing because you’re more than that. I hope you liked this post and I’ll see you next time 🙂

Ali Caitrin

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  1. / 8:47 PM

    Ahhhh this is SO me. I never actually knew there was a proper term for this. I always kind of knew that I floated somewhere in the middle of an introvert and extrovert. I just didn't quite know where I fitted. I love this post 🙂

    Talia // Floral Anchors

    • / 9:02 PM

      I didn't either until recently, I've only ever since 'Introverted Extrovert' or vice versa lol! Well now you know where you stand 😉 and thank you 😀

  2. / 10:20 AM

    Number one is so me, I am pretty selectively social! I can either be so anti-social and just want to do nothing, or be calling all my friends to go out haha

    Emily | Always Emily

    • / 11:39 PM

      Haha yay I'm glad I'm not the only one who is like this!!

  3. I can sooooo relate to this! After coming out of my shell a little recently I've realised I can often be surprisingly extroverted when I have sporadic energy spikes. Do you know what Myers Briggs type you are? So glad I've stumbled upon your lovely blog 🙂

    • / 11:41 PM

      It's nice to hear that you've come out of your shell a little 🙂 and I've never heard of Myers Briggs actually?
      Awh well I'm happy that you've found me and your blog hehe 😉

  4. / 5:45 AM

    Oh my golly gumdrop this described me perfectly! Kind of freaky, but also really cool at the same time!

    • / 10:38 PM

      Oh really that's great and I agree it's both weird and cool lol!

    • / 10:38 PM

      Awh you're welcome! I only found out about it recently too so you're not alone 🙂

  5. / 5:38 PM

    this is such an interesting post! I definitely think I'm an introvert but I notice that in public sometimes I come off an extrovert. I dunno, I'm just weird and have no idea why that happens. But other times I'm super shy and don't want to say a word! Ahh, who knows 😉


  6. / 2:14 PM

    I've always identified as an introvert ever since I was little (not that I knew the term for it back hen), but over the last two years I've begun to be a lot less introverted than ever before. I think in the future I may identify more as an ambivert but I'm not quite there yet.

    Erin |

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