A Late Night Revelation

Helloo Everyone,

It’s 1am and I’m only a little tired. You all know I’m quite the night owl as it is but still even for me this is odd? My brain is really going crazy right now; I have all of these thoughts going around and I think it’s because I’m on my own so I have more time alone to think which is deadly.. Well I better get straight to the point on this whole ramble! I’ve just had this weird revelation and afterwards I thought “Oh I should write about this!” but don’t worry I’ll try to keep it short I promise!

Isn’t strange how one minute a person can be a really close friend of yours and see you them all the time, then the next you realise you can’t remember the last time you even spoke to them? And you’re like damn how did that happen? It doesn’t even have to be that something dramatic happened, it could have just happened slowly and completely out of the blue. Maybe you just grew apart? Either way, it’s happened to me and it’s made me quite sad..

When I compare last year to this year, I realise how many of my friends I barely talk to anymore.. It’s only a handle of them but those handle of people used to be a big part of my life. In my first year of university I stayed in halls so I was living with about 30 people but I was only really close with about 10 of them as we were all on the same floor. So I saw those people every day for a whole year and as you can imagine we all become pretty close! We’d all hang out in between lectures, at night and some weekends which was one of the best parts of staying at university! As you guys know I dropped out of university at the end of last year (I done a post about it here) so I moved from Surrey to London which means I don’t get to go back there as often as I’d like. It’s been about seven months now since I left and I wish we all spoke more but I’m too chicken to say anything to them right now, forgetting the fact that everyone’s asleep at the moment haha! All I’m saying is it’s just sad how people can go in and out of your life without any warning. It really sucks!

Anyway, I’m hoping it just temporary and that after the summer is over we can all meet up again and have a catch up but we’ll see! If you’re in the same position as me and you’re really missing an old friend you feel you’ve drifted apart from for a bit, just contact them! What’s the worst that can happen? If they’re that important to you then you should at least try right? Don’t have any regrets and don’t risk losing a good friendship. Now I’ve got to take my own advice!

Sorry for the random post I just really felt the need to write about it, I’m sure you even don’t mind but just see it as getting to know me more haha! I’ll be back to my normal posts as usual so I hope you’re all well and I’ll see you guys soon!

Ali Caitrin

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  1. / 11:05 AM

    I'm having the opposite problem. I never had too many friends at school. I have one really good friend who I have seen a lot since leaving school in June and that's good enough for me. All of the other friends I had haven't asked to meet up since, so I guess I know who my true friend is. I think that if you have true friends, then you will all make the effort to stay in contact.

    • / 6:20 PM

      It's great that you have that one friend you know you can rely on 🙂
      There are some friends from university that I still talk to nearly everyday but it's hard because they live pretty much on the world so time difference is kinda difficult but when they come back after the summer holidays it'll be better!

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