Things I Wish We Learned in School

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When you leave secondary school I feel you’re just pushed into the deep end of adult life, maybe it was just me but I’m sure there’ll be some of you that agree with me! Something will come up and I’ll be like “Why wasn’t I told this earlier?” so then it’ll be up to me to figure it out or ask someone trying not to seem like an idiot. Don’t get me wrong, there will be things that you have to learn yourself because you can’t get everything handed on a plate to you and I completely get that because that’s what being an ‘adult’ is about. HOWEVER the things I’ve listed below our the ones I believe should be taught or warned about at school if they aren’t already of course.

I’m turning 21 at the end of July and I know I’ve still got so much to learn!

#1 Taxes
One of the most confusing things I’ve had to learn so far. I’ve been kind of lucky because with my mum being an accountant I can ask her those sorts of questions because otherwise I’d be lost.. C’mon you could have at least given us a heads up haha!

#2 Mental Health
If physical injuries, illnesses and other issues are accepted and understood then so should mental health, it’s only fair! When I say ‘understood’ I’m not meaning we should get taught the ins and outs of every mental health problem because it’s not that simple but it deserves to be recognised and respected too and not have this stigma that it seems to have. As you may know already I’ve published two posts on mental health topics (the first one on mental health awareness week and the other on my experience with anxiety) because I know there’s no need to be afraid to talk about it so neither should anyone else!

#3 Money Management
It’s all good having some money in the bank which is what any person would prefer of course but it would have been useful to help us out with well I don’t know, the best way to spend it! Not telling us how to spend our money as such it’s more about helping us keeping an eye on what we have, a breakdown of what we’d need to pay for, credit cards and loans etc. because I remember when I first went to university aka when I moved away from home I literally didn’t have a clue!

#4 Getting a Job
Finding a job can be so difficult nowadays as it is and even when you find one you like to have the best chance of getting it you need a good CV to attract employer’s attention and know how to be the best at job interviews, help us out please?!

#5 First Aid and Self Defence
I’m surprise we don’t get taught this at school already? Everyone needs to know how to protect themselves and others around them from dangerous or uncomfortable situations so we should get taught at a youngish age the best ways to do so, don’t you agree?

#6 Surviving without Technology
Don’t get me wrong, technology is amazing and it helps us a hell of a lot but I’m worried that we’ll start relying on it so much that we’ll never be able to do anything for ourselves. Some examples:

  • To an extent we need to be able to figure out how to get from A to B without using Google Maps all the time.
  • Read more books instead of relying on search engines to give you the answer to everything.
  • Keep paper copies of important information as well as backing up to your computer or external memory.

We’re all guilty of doing this with instead of using our heads and yes again technology allows us to do things that we can’t but as long as we’re taught to know we can live without it if needed, it’s all good!

#7 Safe Sex
I remember having a few sex education classes but I don’t think they mentioned anything about protection and obviously the consequences of not using them? If you’re going to teach us about the birds and the bee at school then you’d think it’d be common sense to make sure they knew how to do it safely! I hope they do but I’ve mentioned it just in case.

#8 Sexuality
This is an obvious one but whether you’re straight, part of the LGBT or undecided we need to be told at a young age that whatever your sexuality that it’s okay and to respect what they and themselves are.

#9 Politics
I find it quite bizarre that we’re not told about politics when it’s such an important part of being a UK citizen! You turn 16 and you just randomly get told that you can register to vote and you’re like say whatt? If you read my post about what I’d do If I were Prime Minister for a day then you’d know that I chose to research it myself as I knew pretty much nothing about politics or what the general election was about. How can you expect someone to make such an important decision on how they want the country to be run without that vital info on what it’s all about?

#10 Debt
There is a big difference between having no money and owing money. It’s crazy how easy it is to borrow money and realise you didn’t really read the small print and before you know it, you’re owing more money than you can keep up with.. Let’s help the next generation know the dangers of this!

Was there anything I’ve missed that you think kids and teenagers should be taught at school that isn’t? Or do you think maybe we’re better learning things for ourselves? I’d love to hear what you think so feel free to comment! This was quite a fun post to write so I hope you like it and I’ll see you next time 🙂

Ali Caitrin

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  1. / 5:13 PM

    I absolutely agree with this, one hundred percent! I was just saying to someone the other day that learning what different tax codes mean and what questions to ask a landlord when you're renting a flat would be so much more useful than some of the weird stuff we did in PSHE lessons. I feel like I'm too old now to admit that I have no idea where the money that comes off my pay cheque for National Insurance goes to! I wish it were easier to get these opinions out there, or generations to come will still struggle in the way that I do.

    Hannah Simpson Writes

    • / 9:26 PM

      Taxes are a nightmare, especially trying to figure out whether I've got the right tax code AND they've overtaxed me so not impressed.. and you're never too old, I'm happy to agree that I still don't understand things hahahahahaha!

    • / 9:27 PM

      Oh wow that brings me back, exactly we learn about stuff we will probably never use again then the things that are most important are just chucked at us lol!

  2. / 8:38 PM

    Money Management and Debt for me … so agree! I was so stupid with money when I was young!

    • / 9:29 PM

      So was I, I was terrible but I could have saved a lot more instead of wasting it so I know how you feel. Guess we learn from our mistakes haha!

  3. / 3:27 PM

    I agree with you in all of your statements. Some things we leran in school are just not important for our future life, but then we don't learn the things that really matter. When my parents whent to school they still had some kind of cooking classes which I would love to have in our school nowadays because in all honesty I don't knoow how to cook some of the easiest meals 🙂

    • / 9:33 PM

      I'm glad you agree! You're right too about learning things that aren't important for the future, like I get that we have to learn some stuff for ourselves but there are certain ones like the ones above I would have preferred a warning.
      I'm better at cooking now but it wasn't thanks to school, I moved out 2 years ago so I kinda self-taught myself 🙂

  4. / 8:52 PM

    These are all really good points! My 27 year old cousin didn't know how to properly write a check! I was totally baffled when he handed me a rent check once that wasn't written properly and I think my bank thought I was trying to do fraud or something. Needless to say, he only gave me cash after that…. but seriously….I have NO idea how to do taxes and I'm 24!

    • / 9:35 PM

      I've never written a cheque, I've had no reason to at the moment but when I do I'll probably just ask someone haha! Taxes are still a nightware and I don't think many people do fully understand them, confusing buggers!!

  5. / 7:41 AM

    I think schools exist to maintain the status quo, so the rich get ever richer and the poor get poorer. As far as what you might have left out, I think you have done a great job, but I would add Manners – that would make life better for all of us!

    • / 8:57 PM

      Oh I didn't even think of that, that's a good one 🙂 It's something small that goes a long way!

  6. / 11:36 AM

    I felt really lost when I completed my degree and started working. Nothing in school prepared me for it – so I turned to blogs. I don't know if schools intentionally want to kick us out of the nest with that helpless feeling but they sure are doing a fantastic job! Thanks for covering this, you took the words right out of my mouth!

    • / 11:36 PM

      I agree I'm sure it isn't intentional and I know some things we have to learn for ourselves but it's hard to find a happy medium isn't it? And you're welcome, I'm glad you enjoyed it 🙂

  7. / 10:05 PM

    I agree with all of these! I honestly don't understand why Sex ED has stayed the same (or changed so incredibly minimally) since I was at primary school – it's like we're just deciding not to invest in the future and continue this cycle of sort-of-not-quite acceptance because there is such little understanding of certain issues.
    I think the main issue really is schools have become so exam focused that everything else becomes an 'unnecessary' extra, meaning we enter adult life like lost little sheep. I've had to have my parents teach me about money stuff.
    As for what you've missed out? Consequences and punishments are a very real thing and part of adult life.

    Great post!

    Fii || little miss fii

    • / 11:40 PM

      It's hard because I'm going from what I learned in school so I'm hoping it's improved at least a little bit since I was at school, don't get me wrong I'm not saying my education was bad but obviously it can't always be perfect!
      And I agree schools seem to be more focused on exams, well that's how it comes across for me! My parents helped me a lot too especially with money which was a relief 🙂

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