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Helloo Everyone,

My photography skills aren’t very great are they? It’s okay I already know don’t worry haha! Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t say they are utter rubbish and I would like to think that they have improved especially since I’ve started blogging but I’ve still got a long way to go. One of the ways I’ve tried to improve the way my photos look is by using the Afterlight app! I think it was recommended to me by my boyfriend ages ago so I thought why not? It took me a while to actually start using it but once I got the hang of it I quite liked it. Also I don’t just use it for my blog photos either, I use this for all my social media too! Wanna know how I done it? Well I’m going to let you know right now!

This app is 79p on the iTunes stores and 59p on Google Play so it isn’t free but I think it’s definitely worth the purchase once you start to know your way around it. Also I wanted to just add that I don’t tend to use all the editing tools the app has like for example the filter or texture tools, not on purpose but I just like my photos already without having to use everything! It’s normally just the adjustment tools like brightness, contrast, saturation etc. which I’ll show you from the examples below:

Before After

The day was pretty grey as it was so I was expecting a colourful photo but I kinda wanted to give it a bit more life at the same time, if that makes sense? There wasn’t a lot I needed to do apart from add some blue highlight tone to make the blue from the bridge stand out, rise the saturation and sharpen it a little. I quite like it, plus it was easy to do and little time!

Before After

I think we can both agree that with this one you can see a major difference compared to the one above. You wouldn’t believe that there was lighting from the sun coming through my bedroom window would you? When I was taking the photo it seemed to be okay.. till I previewed it on my blog haha! It needed A LOT of brightness and contrast, reduce the exposure, highlight it and then finally sharpen it. It took some toing and froing from each to make it perfect so it wasn’t in that exact order and I used one adjustment more than once but I got there eventually and liked the end result! I’m sure some filters might get you the same effect quicker but I didn’t want to for this photo so I could show you guys what the app is capable of.

FYI if I want to add text to my photos like for my blog posts then I use PicMonkey!

After that all you have to do is save and share your skills with the world! The only advice I feel I could give if you wanted to try an app like this is to just experiment; every photo may need different adjustments to get it to how you like it so just try, try and keep trying!
Do you use any photo editing apps or websites to give your photos a little TLC, if so which ones have you found successful and easy to use? Tell me below because I’d love to try other apps out too! I’m glad I done another techy post, I kinda missed them. I’ll be doing more in the future too so I hope you like this one at least and I’ll see you next time 🙂

Ali Caitrin

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  1. / 3:46 AM

    My friend loves using Afterlight, it even looks amazing! Perhaps I'll get it soon but right now, I'm sticking to VSCOcam, my absolute favourite editing app <3

    xx Bash | Bash Says Hey | bloglovin'

    • / 5:55 PM

      I know a couple of people that use VSCOcam and it seems quite good too, I might try it one day 😉

  2. / 5:14 PM

    If I'm posting on Instagram, I just use whatever they have. I just use brightness, contrast, highlights, shadow, and sharpen… with PIcMonkey, I use clarity and color neutralization..


    • / 6:06 PM

      If I'm posting a photo of myself or with friends then I'll just use Instagram to edit little bits but on blog photos and anything else it's Afterlight all the way hehe! I've only ever used PicMonkey to add text so I'll have to see what their editing tools are like 🙂

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