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Helloo Everyone,

Well it looks like I’m finally doing a fashion post.. say whaaat? I know who would have thought it? But before I get started with this post I thought I should let you know that I am no fashion person at all. In other words I just wear what I want to wear, simples. I seem to only have two different styles as you might be able to tell from the picture below; the grunge(ish) look and the turned girly look! I’m positive that I’m not the only girl that’s like this so hola at me if this is you too hehe! I’m also quite fuzzy normally when it comes to where I shop as I tend to stick to look in the same shops but one of my favourite places to shop is New Look so I thought I’d pick out some stuff I have my eye on from their website and share it with my lovely readers!

Graphics Tees
Definitely need more of these in my wardrobe, not like I haven’t got enough already but I can never have too many to choose from plus the fringed hem has that festival look to it too which I’m liking at the moment!
A Little Bit of Denim
This is an everyday essential for me (well most days anyway) whether it’s jeans, a denim dress or a denim jacket I normally have one of these on summer or winter time! I love it how this one has an acid wash to it so I think I’m going to be buying this sometime soon..
Chunky Boots
How cool are these? I don’t even know what else I can say about these apart from that but I need them!

Cute Pastel Shoes
As well green being my favourite colour I’m not a massive fan of high heels because I can never walk in them without looking like a plonker so these are just perfect, very classy too!
Floaty Dresses
What girl doesn’t own at least one dress? Well I have a couple but not going to lie I am more of a jeans and tshirt girl. I think this dress is really pretty for this season and I like the off of the shoulder design too, plus I don’t wear white colours either so this is a big step for me hehe!
The Underrated Midi Skirts
I’ve become a big fan of mid skirts and dresses recently as I feel more comfortable in them and just think they look good on me pretty much hehe! I’d wear it with a white crop top and some pumps, nice right?

What’s your kinda style, and what are your favourite clothing brands? Let me know in the comments because you guys all know I’m nosy as hell and always ask you questions! I hope you enjoyed my first fashion post (I might do some more you never know) and I’ll see you next time 🙂

Ali Caitrin

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  1. / 1:08 AM

    I love floaty dresses and all things denim! That's pretty much what 90 % of my closest is made of XD! I'm really glad you did this fashion post! It's great, keep em coming!

    • / 8:39 PM

      Awh thank you, I'm not really a fashion person or anything but I did really like talking about my style! I will defo do more posts in the future 😀

  2. / 4:11 PM

    I love this shoes! I love black *.*

    • / 8:40 PM

      I know that feeling, I wear black a lot of the time 😉 I'm hoping to buy those boots soon because I can just imagine them looking SOOO good hehe!

  3. / 9:01 PM

    Just found your blog and have just read 3 posts I love you. I can see you put in the work and write with passion. You may not be the biggest blogger out there but you are the kind of blogger that inspires me each and every day to write my blog. keep doing what your doing and you will be a massive blogger in the years to come. going to go look at your other posts now byexx luv u

    • / 8:42 PM

      Oh my that is really sweet of you to say, seriously when I first read this I couldn't stop smiling haha! I will carry on what I'm doing as usual then 😉 but again thank you so much!!

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