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Helloo Everyone,

I was overly excited when I visited the Harry Potter Studios at the end of last month with my friends, it was everything I hoped for and more! At the end of the tour we popped into the studio shop and let’s just say we went a little crazy haha! There was soo much to choose from I didn’t even know where to start. Eventually we did leave (well there was a notice saying the studios was due to close in 15 mins so we didn’t have much of a choice lol) and I was relieved that I didn’t spend too much. Don’t get me wrong, the shop isn’t exactly cheap and with me being a student with no job at the moment I couldn’t afford the real expensive things but I’m still very happy with what I’ve got, and I thought I’d show you because why not? Everyone loves a little Harry Potter!

FYI everything I bought from the studio was £10 or under!

The Sweets
#1 Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour BeansThese were the sweets I was most looking forward to, the flavours are just crazy! I haven’t tried all of them yet because I’m a wuss but I will sooner or later. The ones that are nice are really nice, and the ones that are gross are real gross haha! They’d be very good for a Harry Potter game with friends!
#2 Chocolate Frog I was told that the chocolate was quite nice and I was not disappointed, I also got the Dumbledore card which was bonus because that was the one I was hoping for! I’ve even kept the packaging because I like it that much haha!
#3 Jelly SlugsSadly I didn’t really like these much *booohoooo* I’m not quite sure if it was because there were slug sweets or just the flavours in general but yeah they just weren’t for me. I wouldn’t not recommended them as I think you should try everything for yourself but they have an acquired taste in my opinion!
#4 Stawberry and Cream Lolly There’s not much I can say about this apart from it was sweet and yummy!
#5 The Huge Rainbow Lolly I can’t wait to attempt to finish this, it’s going to be a challenge as it’s nearly the size of my face haha!

The Souvenirs
#6 One Way Ticket to HogwartsBecause every Harry Potter fan needs to be prepared for when they get their acceptance letter, right? OMG I just realised this is actually from the Hogwarts Express shop and they DO NOT have it at the studio shop so if you do want it make sure to buy it there!
#7 Hogwarts PostcardI want to send this to a friend one day and write something really cool and Harry Potter related but I cant think of what yet so for now I’ll just hang it up in my room!
#8 Hogwarts KeyringThis is now a new attachment to my keys as a reminder of when I visited the studio!
#9 Gryffindor Magnetic BookmarksI actually wanted a Hufflepuff one as that’s what house I’m in (comment below if you’re a Hufflepuff too) but there wasn’t any in stock but the Gryffindor ones are just as good! I tend to read books when I’m on the go and didn’t have any bookmarks so they’ve become quite useful as I hate bending the page, it frustrates me lol!
#10 Harry Potter GlassesI will one day go all out and dress up as Harry Potter for a fancy dress party so having the glasses will come in handy! Plus just to have them in general is pretty cool don’t you think?

Well that’s everything guys! Have you visited the Harry Potter Studio yet? Did you buy anything exciting? Let me know in the comments what your experience was like or if you’re planning to go soon. I would really recommend if you’re a Harry Potter fan even if you don’t buy anything! I hope you enjoyed this post and I’ll see you next time 🙂

Ali Caitrin

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  1. / 7:10 PM

    Looks like you had a great time! I went last year and loved it. I only live about 10 minutes away so hoping to go again soon so I can see the Hogwarts Express 🙂

    John | Shout John

    • / 10:24 PM

      The Hogwarts Express was pretty cool and as you live pretty close to the studios you should defo try and visit! I will visit again but not for a while yet 🙂

    • / 9:24 PM

      YAY a fellow Hufflepuff, I'm so glad you commented that I was so worried I was gonna be the only one 😀 And the every flavour beans are pretty cool, just to warn the earwax one is absolutely disgusting, even worse than the vomit one so don't feel bad for maybe not trying it haha!

    • / 9:32 PM

      Yes I did indeed, I really liked Butterbeer but it is very sweet so it's an acquired taste hehe! Dammit I got the butterbeer mug too I should have put that in, never mind I'm bound to do another Harry Potter post so I can put it in there 🙂

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