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Helloo Everyone,

I’m going to let you in on a bit of a secret.. I’M A HUGE LUSH FAN! So when I got a Lush gift card from my boyfriend on Valentines Day I was one happy Ali hehe! I decided to buy things that I had never tried before to see what they were like so as you can see there’s an Easter and Mother’s Day theme going on. Also as I’ve never done a lush haul before I thought I was due one!

Hoppity Poppity (The Bunny One)The first caught my eye because of it being small and cute! It reminds me of a lighter version of ultraviolet but with the lavender and the popping candy.. That’s right I said popping candy! I found it quite soothing as the smell wasn’t overwhelming so it’s good if you’re on a budget and still want a relaxing lush bath as it’s only £2.50!
Golden EggTo be honest I wasn’t sure about this one before I went into the shop but Lush hasn’t let me down yet so I went in with an open mind. But I was very surprised when I picked it up to smell a caramel scent so I was quick to buy it, and who doesn’t like a bit of gold glitter? I would say it’s more of a melt than a bath bomb if that makes sense, but either way I still enjoyed a nice relaxing bath! The only thing I’ll add is that the bath turns kind of yellow colour which I found weird but that’s just me being picky!
Fluffy Egg (The Pink Egg)This has more of a sweet smell compared to the other floral ones I picked so if you’re like me and loved the Snow Fairy products during Christmas then you’re going to really like this one! I came out of the bath smelling like candy floss according to my family haha!
Ultraviolet (The Big Purpley One)Out all of these this is my favourite one! I really liked the look of it and I was even happier when I saw them in the shop because I didn’t realise how big they were!! Even if you just bought one you could definitely get two baths out of them by breaking it in half. It has violet floral scent (hence the name) and the bath just looks so nice with it being dark purple and all the bubbles. Overall amazing, highly recommended!
Rose (The Pinkey Rose One)I really liked the way my skin felt after using this in my bath; I’ve always liked coco butter for my skin and with a really nice sweet smell with bubbles, what else could a girl want?
Mother Superior (The Blue One)I had no intention of buying this one because I thought I wouldn’t like it but the woman in Lush said I should try it so I ended up getting it in the end, but I’m glad I did! I found it very relaxing and I could smell the lemon oil too! I managed to only using half at the moment because it was bigger than expected! It also reminds me of a character from a TV programme my nephew watches called Adventure Time, can anyone else see it?

Have you tried any of these yet, if so did you like them? Or is there one you prefer that I’ve missed? Let me know in the comments, I’m absolutely in love with Lush so I’m happy to get recommendations hehe! I hope you like this post, it’s not one I’ve done before but I’m planning to do more of them in the future! I’ll see you next time 🙂

Ali Caitrin

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  1. / 9:00 PM

    Aw so many awesome Easter bath bombs! I haven't been to lush in awhile, but just used up my stash so definitely need to take a visit there soon. Just can't beat their bath bombs really! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

    • / 9:07 PM

      Oh you should definitely go back soon, the amount of amazing bath bombs, bubble bars etc. are endless 😀

  2. LUSH Hauls are some of my favorite hauls, especially when they're full of bath products! I haven't picked anything up yet from their spring lineup but I feel like I just might have to!

    • / 6:09 PM

      Oh you definitely should 🙂 There's so many nice things from the Spring lineup, I would buy everything from Lush if I could haha!

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