BLOGMAS #4 Easy Gift Wrapping Techniques

Helloo Everyone,

Sorry for the late post, this was meant to go up Wednesday morning but I got caught up with uni work (my bad) but I’m back now! Anyway, it’s really starting to feel like Christmas to me right now! I know I’ve been excited for Christmas for ages but there are always these certain things that come around each year that makes me realise it’s nearly here; writing out christmas cards, christmas songs on the radio and obviously wrapping presents! I was wrapping presents the other day and I wanted them to look nice but I’m not artsy so I thought I would just do little things to make an effort. If you guys struggle like me then here are some ideas I used that only take a little effort but still makes them quite christmassy!

What I’ve Used:
  • Wrapping Paper
  • Scissors
  • Sellotape
  • Name Tags
  • Ribbons
  • Bows

I had a M&S gift card that I needed to use up hence why everything is from there haha!

How to Wrap the Perfect Present
It might sound silly but I used to really struggle to wrap presents and I know people that still do so let’s start with the basics!
1. Measure out how much paper you need by placing the present in the middle to make sure it’s able to wrap around the whole present.
2. Cut out what’s needed, wrap it as tight as you can and tape the middle to keep it in place.
3. Go to one side of the present: fold the corners in kind of like a triangle, pull it to the top and tape it in place.
4. Do the same to the other side and there you have it!
Also DONT forget to remove all price stickers before you start wrapping haha!

Add a Nice Ribbon
This is an easy to way to decorate a present quickly and still looking pretty. For this you’ll need a wrapped present, some scissors and ribbon!
1. First make sure the ribbon is long enough to go around the present so do a little test out before you cut it.
2. Flip the present on its front where you want the ribbon to be tied.
3. Place the ribbon in the center of the present and wrap it tight round to the other side of the present so it doesn’t get loose.
4. Once the ribbon reaches round the other side, turn the two ends 90 degrees so one goes to the left and the other right of the present.
5. Bring the two ends back round the top of the present and again pull tight and then tie the bow tight so it stays put! Then you can stick a name tag near the bow if you decide to have one.

Create a Sleigh of Presents
If you want to be a little creative I saw this present display online with one looking like Santa’s sleigh so we’ll see if I can recreate it well haha! You’ll need wrapped presents, ribbon, a bow and two candy canes.
1. Depending on how many presents you have (I would only do about 3 or 4) get small pieces of tape, turn each into a circle so the outside is the sticky side and stick the presents together so it doesn’t fall apart.
2. Add the ribbon like I done in the previous present but instead of doing a bow, do it so it just wraps the present and cut off extra ribbon if needed and tape together.
3. If you have a big bow like I do then you can add that on top or any other Christmas decoration you have.
4. Lastly get the two candy canes and tape them to the bottom of the presents so the hook bit is sticking out looking like a sleigh full of presents!

And that’s about it for me! I hope you enjoyed my wrapping skills, I know it’s only minimal but remember it’s the thought that counts hehe! Do you have any wrapping techniques you’d like to share or have you tried any of the ones I’ve done here? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to see what you guys have done and I’ll see you next time for my new blogmas post 🙂

Ali Caitrin

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