Why I’d Love to Spend Christmas at Hogwarts

Helloo Everyone,

So how’s this festive month going for you? I’m sure you’re all counting down the days like me hehe! I’m a massive Harry Potter fan and obviously with Christmas coming up I randomly thought to myself if I could spend Christmas anywhere it would have to be Hogwarts, come on who wouldn’t? It’s a magical place and what better place is there that snows inside a castle? There are just so many reasons why Hogwarts is the best place to be especially around Christmas time! Let me explain..

Did I say that it snows inside as well as outside? I’m sure I did… Well in England nowadays you’ll be lucky if it snows at all around Christmas time so I’d just grateful to be able to have a snowball fight outside, the snow inside is just a big bonus!

The Christmas tree looks absolutely beautiful and really tall, all the decorations look amazing and the best thing is you can use magic to decorate it so you don’t have to do an obstacle course just to get the decorations up haha!

The feast is more than just a feast, it’s more of a food extravaganza! They would be in The Great Hall stuffing themselves with “turkey sandwiches, crumpets, trifle, and Christmas cake” which to me is a decent way to spend christmas although I think I would have to go for a lay down after haha!

Once you’ve eaten you can go on a whole new adventure around the castle; I’d go exploring like going up the grand staircase, look for the dungeon, the Great Lake etc. I really have thought this through you know, you need to be prepared haha (I know it’s fictional but I can dream)!

The day doesn’t revolve around presents.. thank god! Don’t get me wrong, I buy people presents and I’m grateful when I receive one but there is more to christmas that opening presents the whole day and at Hogwarts there seems to be so much going on that they don’t fixate on it which I guess isn’t a bad thing!

No matter what’s happening, everyone suddenly forgets about what’s going on and just celebrates Christmas (well at least at the feast anyway)!

Oh I almost forgot about the Yule Ball, there’s nothing like going to a party on Christmas Day and getting to dressed up, how nice would that be?!

I just like how a lot of things are controlled by magic, it seems to makes christmas a lot stress free and I think I can speak for nearly everyone when I say that it’s quite rare to have a complete stress free christmas but you know miracles do happen haha!

Where would you go for Christmas if you could go anywhere, and if it’s Hogwarts (or even if it’s not) what would be the first thing you’d want to do? I hope you guys enjoy Christmas wherever you are and I’ll see you next time for my new blogmas post 🙂

Ali Caitrin

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    I would love to spend christmas at Hogwarts!!

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