BLOGMAS #1 A Christmas Carol Book Review

Helloo Everyone,

I hope this Christmas month is going well for you all and you’re getting all excited like me! To kick start blogmas off it I thought as I’ve just finished reading Charles Dickens ‘A Christmas Carol’ I thought I would give you guys a short review. I work at my university bookshop and when I was working a shift a couple of weeks ago it caught my eye on display, I hadn’t even thought of reading a Christmas book but I really liked the cover of the book and the you might be able to see that the side of the pages are red which I find pretty cool! As you can see from the pics below I was reading it while in Costa Coffee; I had a gingerbread man and a white hot chocolate with whipped cream, strawberry sauce and little gold stars.. IT WAS HEAVEN! Sorry where was I?! Oh yeah, let’s get back to the book!

If you haven’t read the book or watched the film before let me fill you in..
It’s about a man named Ebenezer Scrooge; he’s a grumpy, selfish old sod who has a dislike to most things, especially Christmas. The only thing that seems to make him remotely happy is when he’s making money. But one Christmas Eve did not go to plan for Scrooge because he was visited by his dead business partner Jacob Marley in his sleep who tells him that the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Yet to Come will come see him to basically give him some tough love that he obviously needed! Not going to lie he doesn’t seem very nice at the beginning with him refusing to make a donation for the poor to have dinner so you can’t blame people for not liking him..

I really enjoyed reading it! I love the way Charles Dickens portrayed Scrooge, he makes the reader want to dislike him throughout but then love him nearer the end! I felt all different emotions; it’s makes the reader feel grateful and I love a book that can make a reader really feel some for a book. It’s an absolute classic that I would be happy to read each year to get you in the mood for Christmas! I would recommend to give it as a present to someone who you think is a bit of Scrooge as a humorous gift or even for someone who’s a bookworm and you feel would enjoy a read for Christmas!

So what’s the book you like to read at Christmas?
I’d love to hear your festive reads so comment below if you have any and if you decide to read this book then let me know what you think! Hope you guys like my first blogmas post and I’ll see you soon for the next blogmas post 🙂

Ali Caitrin

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    Sounds cool! I like the cover , its pretty scary. hahaha. its new published?
    And by the way. Can you follow me back? 🙂

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