Why We Love Tea

While I’m sitting writing this I’ve got my cup of tea in my favourite mug next to my laptop and I’m happy. I don’t even know what starting me having tea either, could have just been a spare of the moment thing and I just carried on drinking it ever since but either way I can easily say that it’s my favourite drink since forever! I’m not the only one that likes tea so make yourself a cuppa and I’ll explain why:

The Conversation Starter
It’s always the way; you get to someone’s house and they say “Wanna cup of tea?” or you go to town with friends and one person says “Fancy getting some tea/coffee?” It’s kinda like a tradition to most people and it’s a great way to start the day off.

A British Thing
I’m not 100% sure about the history of this but it’s stereotypical for british people to drink tea, don’t get me wrong I’m not saying everyone who is British drinks tea but I do know a lot of people that like tea so maybe it’s just a coincidence hehe!
Fun Fact: It’s predicted that countries like China, India and Turkey consume more tea than Britian, weird huh?

Relieves Stress
It’s been said that tea can reduce stress levels and from my experience this definitely is the case. I’ve been quite stressed lately and sometimes just having a cup of tea obviously won’t makes everything better but it does make me feel a little more relaxed. Why don’t you have a try? Also, if you’re interested in more then here is an article about a study on tea.

The Calories
Did you know that black tea contains no calories? Me neither actually haha! The only added calories are the milk and sugar and even then as long as you don’t add too much or either you’re all good! (in my opinion I’m not a nutritionist)

Low in Caffeine
Tea contains little caffeine compared to coffee and not so much that it makes your heart race or stops you from sleeping so you can have a quick cup of tea before bed without being worried it’ll keep you up all night hehe!

The Taste
It’s a very refreshing drink and it tastes pretty good to me. My favourite is the ordinary english breakfast tea but there’s a variety of tea that you can have: early grey, iced, chai, bubble etc. so you never know which one your taste buds will enjoy!

Thanks to everyone for giving me their own experiences with tea prior to this post, it was really nice to hear others opinions! What tea do you like and why so? Let me know in the comments 🙂

Ali Caitrin

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    • / 5:16 PM

      English breakfast tea is my favourite, the occasional Peppermint tea and Lemon tea are nice too. Need to try out some more as well lol!

  1. John
    / 7:49 PM

    That's interesting that tea helps relieve stress. I have heard that Yogi makes an Herbal tea that help's relieve stress. interesting post 🙂

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