My Favourite Apps (And Why?)

My phone is like one of my organs; it’s always attached to me no matter what! I check it quite regularly whether it’s to keep up to date with social media, talk to family and friends or it’s just something to entertain myself.
Here I’m going to list my favourite apps that I use a lot and you never know, maybe you’ll discover an app you haven’t seen before?

  1. Instagram – I’ve LOVED Instagram from the start, it was better when I got my iPhone because I got into using the filters more! I’m starting to post more frequently so if you’re interested have a look and follow my account @alicaitrin
  2. Twitter – Not going to lie I had a twitter account for a long time but I didn’t go on it, then I saw the app on the app store one day and just thought why not? and after that I was hooked! I find it a lot easier to write tweets on the app then going on my laptop, it’s more convenient around my uni schedule! My twitter account is also @alicaitrin if you fancy following me?
  3. WhatsApp – This app has been a life saver especially as a lot of my university friends are international students it helps when they’re aboard and I can still message them without being charged. As well as it being completely free, you can create groups which helps me as I’m lazy so I can message multiple friends at the same time haha! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
  4. Tumblr – Weirdly enough I prefer the app to the actual website, there’s not a lot of difference but I guess again it’s about making it quick and easier to post stuff and I like it that I can look at different categories (me for it’s normally vintage and typography hehe) and make the site my own all on just the app! Click here if you want to see more of what I post!
  5. Google+ – This is one of the apps that I use the most and weirdly enough I haven’t had a Google+ page for very long but since I have it’s become so useful especially for my blog! I’m able to reach other bloggers and there are plenty of pages that enable people to connect with their similar interests like for me there’s Harry Potter, The Big Bang Theory and bloggers!
  6. PAC-MAN – I don’t have many gaming apps but this is the one I always go back to; I like retro games and this is a definite classic game so I’m so glad that they made an app for it!
  7. MapMyRun – If you’ve seen my previous posts you would have seen that I done a half marathon September of this year, well this was the app that helped me to train for it! It enables you to record your workout so you select what activity you want to do and it tracks where you go, how far you’ve gone, your speed etc. and every couple of minutes it tell you how you’re going. I found it extremely useful and I was able to see my progress throughout my training. A MUST HAVE FOR FITNESS TRAINING!
  8. Coderust – As I’ll be applying for computing placements I need to prepare for the programming part of the interviews and this is what the app does; it allows you to revise various areas gives you problems to resolve and then gives you an appropriate answer in different programming languages! FYI I think if you decide to buy the app it’s a lot better on an iPad as it’d make your eyes hurt after a while. To be honest it was quite expensive for an app but I felt like it was worth it as placement and graduate interviews are important to me so it’ll pay for!
  9. Hyperlapse – I don’t use this app very often but when I do I find it quite fun! You basically record a video and it then lets you speed it up to give you short and sweet timelapse sequences. Obviously you don’t want to put a really long video on Instagram so this is needed if you’re a real instagramer!
  10. Night Sky – I’m a bit of an astronomy nerd so this app is so cool! It lets you see a 3D earth view, allows you to stargaze and tells you what stars you can see from your view and much more! There’s been a couple of updates since I’ve had the app and it’s just got better! There’s a Lite version if you fancy giving it a try?

So that’s it for my apps! What are your favourite apps? I’m always looking for new ones to try out so if you have any apps to recommend comment below!

Ali Caitrin

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    Hi Ali I love your blog. Thanks for sharing. Would love it if you could check mine out

    • / 5:19 PM

      Awh thank you Kerona really appreciate it, and I'll be sure to check out your blog asap!
      Ali 🙂

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