I’m Not a Morning Person

Helloo Everyone,
It’s Sunday afternoon and I had a pretty long lay in today, I guess I’ve just never been a ‘Morning Person’. I don’t like getting up really early, obviously I do for university and work but I always wish I could have an extra hour or two sleep while I’m dragging myself out of nice, warm bed. However there are certain things that I changed to my morning routine that help me at least attempt to want to get up in the morning and here they are!

The snooze button has become a good friend of mine but a bad influence too haha! I normally set about 3 alarms because I always worry that if I only set one alarm I’ll oversleep.. I used to have this really loud alarm but it just ended up giving me a bit of a shock when I woke up, you want something that will wake you up nicely so I changed it to something more calm and it actually worked?

I find it quite hard to get myself to sleep at night, I tended to get into bed and fidget for the next couple of hours and before I know it, it’s 3am and I have get up at 6:30am for my morning lecture. So what I do now if I can sleep I’ll start reading a book and that normally gets me to sleep after a while. Sadly I CAN NOT look on my phone all night no matter how tempting, it’s too distracting haha!

Another problem I have is that I don’t have a sleeping pattern at all. One day I could start at 8:30-9am and the next it might not be till 2pm so I always have that temptation to sleep in. I’ll try and get up at the same time every day as it makes it easier for me to sleep that night and get up the following morning. VERY RECOMMENDED!

When I first started university I would never have breakfast when I woke up, and at the weekends by the time I got up it was lunch time (my bad) so I would end up starving later on or just have no energy to do anything. I recently moved in with a relative and I’ve been having breakfast every day and I’ve definitely noticed the difference for sure! Try it?

Are you a morning person? If so what makes you get up in the morning, and if not what do you struggle with? You might give someone the advice they need or learn something new!

Enjoy your sleep but don’t sleep the day away 😉

Ali Caitrin

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